A Song for Everything and Everything for a Song

‘One of the primary tools for ABCC music is to get your youngest generation to do things within a certain time frame. If we had all the time in the world to stop and stare then how wonderful this would be. Our toddlers think we should stop and stare a lot more than we do but it’s simply not realistic. Sometimes we have to get from A to B and we don’t have time for Cuddles or Calm. I write silly little songs on almost a daily basis ( when I am feeling the Mary Poppins mode that is) and when I sing the instructions, my vocal tone softens and my children tend to respond with action. Perhaps I am the Pied Piper ?

Anyway, we have the marching up the stairs song to get them to go and brush their teeth or get to bed or fetch their school bag and then there’s the Brusha your Teeth of course, along with the Time to turn the tv off song and the put your shoes on song…you get the idea! If you don’t like the sound of your singing voice then you could try a rap or simply a sing song spoken delivery or the count down like a space rocket.

This morning I wrote the ‘ear muffin walking’ song. it was a slow bluesy number but it still got them moving and writing their own verses all the way to school/nursery. There were verses about poo of course but one wouldn’t expect anything less from a toddler!’