The years are short, the days are long,

lets make it count with fun through song!

Welcome to ABCC. Here is our story…

ABCC was born along with my first child back in 2010. I am a singer songwriter so sang to my babe in the womb all through my pregnancy and I have not stopped. She heard everything from classical to folk to rock and she is a musical happy confident little being, now 9 years old. I went to all the classes going and heard the same nursery rhymes with varying verses . I soon became tired of singing these with Evey so more and more I threw in my own compositions , sung directly to her throughout our day. I used her name to rhyme with things which made the songs more personal and she even has her own instrumental theme tune. If I put on the Cwsg (calm) songs these days, she will still fall asleep to them at the exact same point in the music, just like she did every night and day nap as an infant. Many of the ABCC songs were written whilst we were going through our day from getting dressed in the morning and brushing our teeth, giving Evey a baby massage treatment, cuddles after bath time and calm down ready for bed. Evey has been the original inspiration for this project and, I am proud to say, sings to her baby sister on the recording of  ‘Won’t Let Go’. 

In 2015 , that’s when the baby sister, Cece,came along-hurray! This gives us our name-AB CeCe! Many more songs were written especially for her. Daughter number two is not so fond of sleep as her sister so more lullabies were needed and ‘Time to Go to Bed’ has been the best song to calm Cece and let her know that it is really time for sleeping. Nowadays, at 3 years old, she gets into bed, has a story and some milk and gets herself off to sleep quite happily but I know that a soothing song is always there if she needs it.

Both girls are boingy and busy and getting them to hold a toothbrush in their mouths was a challenge until I wrote ‘Brusha Your Teeth’. Now they sing and jiggle to the song every morning and night and brush their teeth ‘all the way around’ for two whole minutes-result! It has been especially useful for Evey as she presents with sensory processing disorder and has issues with chewing, dentists, an overbite, dressing, listening out for information and pressure of touch. Song has always been the way I can communicate with Evey when the ‘red mist ‘ appears. Swing Baby Swing has been an effective way of both bonding with her and distracting her from tantrums and sensory challenges. As a sensory seeker, Evey loves to be swung around in the air and Cece loves it too!

We were able to record some Cwsg songs in a studio in Pentyrch, called A Capela. It’s an old Church so has beautiful acoustics and the staff there are wonderful! I eventually recorded the album in the summer of 2018 at Berry Hill Studios in Coleford with the rather brilliant John David, Who has years of musicality and producing under his belt and can name drop with pure class! John and I have kept the production simple and light. I wanted it to be like you, me and your child are all having a sing together rather than you listening along to lots of background music. It is about your connection with your loved one, pure and simple. I want you to sing , I really do. Singing is good for us, that I am sure of! The instruments you hear on the album are often those which you would find at a baby/toddler class such as a  shaker or a rattly drum. You can therefore play along at home with the same tools…or a saucepan!

With crowdfunding and helpful designer friends, dentists, local school children, we have been able to bring the project together to get this journey really going.  ABCC aims to help you through your day from action at the start to sleep at the end and if you can’t get out to a class then you can have us at home, bringing song and fun to the everyday tasks.  There are many more songs to come and we hope that ABCC will be used by mums to help their premature babies to grow happily, dads and step dads to connect with their children, grandparents to bond with their little ones, nursery staff and carers, nannies and siblings, all to connect, provide a space for  confidence and self esteem to grow and have fun with music. 

I am a qualified teacher of Drama & Theatre arts for Secondary Education. I have several years of classroom teaching under my belt in primary, nursery, secondary, F.E.  and  special educational needs settings.  I specialise in voice work and I have been working with individuals  and groups  of children and adults since 1997. I have furthered my professional development in singing and vocal care over the years and I am an active member of the naturalvoicenetwork .

I have a selection of complementary therapy diplomas including Baby Massage and Reflexology and I have been offering these tools as well as relaxation and meditation workshops since 2002.

Life B.C. ( before children) had me gigging across the U.K. and a small stint in Canada with self penned and troubadour cover songs and producing cds as part of my singing and songwriting adventures.