CD Competition

If you are looking at the album cover then you will notice the train ( Chugga Choo)  with a tooth, toothbrush and toothpaste riding on top of it. These 3 little dental characters were designed by Mia Stafford Guy, aged 10,  of Magor , who won our competition, back in 2018, to design characters for Brusha Your Teeth. There were 76 entries from local primary schools and dental surgeries in the space of just a few weeks and so many beautiful designs of punk teeth and super hero toothpastes. All the runners up will be featured in the toothbrushing app, coming soon to an ipad in your bathroom! Mia got first prize which was to be on the front cover of the album, plus she got a free cd, hot off the press of the first batch! 

It made for a useful distraction to have the children designing friendly teeth and toothpaste characters whilst waiting to see their dentist and a huge thank you must go to Mrs Johnson of Magor School who had all her art classes designing for the competition. All of this makes for fun teeth cleaning and brings awareness to dental hygeine. I just love how inventive the characters are with their hair and eyelashes and I am really looking forward to bringing some of these to life in the app. It made perfect sense for young people to be a part of the design for ABCC, after all it is here to help us to connect with the youngest generation!